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Purchasing the right safety products for your business or facility is just the start. If you’re committed to providing effective safety solutions for your workers, you need to know your equipment has been inspected, repaired and maintained by an authorized service center. Pro-Am provides just that.

Pro-Am Safety Services provides inspection, recertification, repair, and maintenance to a wide range of products. We provide mobile and in-house services to companies in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Florida.

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Details about our services department:

  • Our 6, factory authorized, senior technicians have over 70 cumulative years of service experience.
  • Pro-Am has been a DOT hydrostatic test facility for over 30 years and has the latest computerized testing equipment.
  • Pro-Am has been a Scott Safety Authorized Service Center for over 30 years
  • Pro-Am is the only Authorized Service Center for DBI/ Sala, Miller Fall Protection, and MSA Fall Protection in the United States.
  • Pro-Am is an Authorized Service Center for MSA and RKI portable gas detectors.
  • We maintain an extensive array of repair and replacement parts inventory.
  • We have a fleet of stocked mobile service vehicles for testing and repairing Scott, MSA, and Honeywell breathing apparatus.
  • Our technicians are certified and recertified in accordance with manufacturer’s training requirements.

Fall Protection Services

Pro-Am Safety provides a full range of services for all of your fall protection equipment. Our factory certified technicians will deliver competent services and stand behind their work. Your employees depend on their Fall Protection Equipment, join the largest companies in your region by trusting Pro-Am Safety to provide the best in fall protection services including:

  • Recertification of Retractable Lifelines and SRL Blocks
  • ANSI and OSHA compliant inspection of Harnesses and Lanyards
  • Experienced, Certified, and Manufacturer Authorized technicians for all Inspections, maintenance, repair, and replacements.
  • All fall protection equipment is returned with service details and applicable certificates.
  • All fall protection equipment is restored to factory specifications with official manufacturer replacement parts
  • Pro-Am Safety’s service department will inspect, maintain, repair and replace your equipment quickly, and keep your employees working.
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Instrumentation Services

Pro-Am Safety is the region’s premier instrumentation service provider. We stand behind the instruments we sell with manufacturer certified and highly trained technicians who possess decades of experience in inspection, calibration, repair and maintenance of portable gas detectors. Your personnel depend on these life saving devices. Trust Pro-Am Safety to provide the following:

  • Manufacturer Trained and Certified Technicians
  • Inspection and Calibration
  • Meter Adjustment
  • In-house or onsite service
  • Computerized calibration certificates (available for most meters)

Pro-Am Safety’s instrumentation service center keeps and maintains an inventory of sensors, boards, filters and many other common replacement parts. In addition, we offer a wide variety of calibration (cal) gasses on-hand for your onsite testing and calibration needs.

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SCBA Services

Our team of manufacturer authorized service department with its certified technicians has been servicing SCBAs and respiratory equipment for over 20 years. Whether a large industrial customer, or a local fire department, Pro-Am Safety, has the experience to keep your equipment in service. Our extensive parts inventory allows us to quickly turn around your service orders, and is one of the reasons we are the premier SCBA / Respiratory service centers in our region.

  • Scott Authorized Service Center
  • MSA I.C.A.R.E Authorized Service Center
  • Honeywell Authorized Service Center
  • SCBA Cylinder / Bottle Filling
  • Leading Hydrostatic Testing System (DOT Requalification)
  • SCBA Repair
  • On-Site Annual Flow Testing via Mobile service vehicle fleet
  • Automatic Flow Testing Notification Program
  • Visual Plus Inspection for SCBA, SCUBA, Escape, DOT, Cascaded and most types of cylinders
  • Respiratory Evaluations
  • Portacount Quantitative and Qualitative fit testing services
  • Mobile Hydrostatic Testing (in FL only)
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Custom / Specialized Services

Pro-Am Safety also provides custom services. Years of service have enabled us to expand our offerings to include:

  • DOT Hydrostatic Testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Service
  • Haz Mat Suit Testing
  • Fire Hose Pressure Testing
  • Aluminized Coat Cleaning
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing
  • ASME Cylinder pressure relief valve replacement
  • Contract Safety Training

Discuss your specific safety needs with a Pro-Am Safety representative. We’ll develop a service program to suit your needs.

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